“They found…they found a dead body under the old hollow oak tree.”

The scorched flour on the gas stove caught in Alcina’s throat as she gasped.
‘Under the oak where the nun was hanged? Who is it? Is it someone we know?’

‘I…I think it was Lorena they found in the lane.’

Sergeant Samuel Whitaker is unhappy sitting in a lonely hospital bed; he yearns to be at home with his wife and five children, whom he hasn’t seen since he left for war. So Witty escapes from the hospital and takes a risky shortcut through the legendary haunted Monk’s Lane. He never reaches home, however, and soon his oldest daughter, Alcina, sets out to find out why. What follows is a dangerous journey full of intrigue and danger as Alcina discovers the news of her best friend’s murder in the haunted lane. Convinced that the attacker couldn’t have been her father, she begins a quest, complicated by a disastrous romantic liaison, to uncover the truth and keep her father’s honour intact.